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April 5th, 2013

Horse-drawn vehicles - help? @ 07:10 pm

I was going to add some horse-drawn vehicle photos to my photo-reference blog, but the one of which I have most photos (e.g. close-ups) are the ones from Clarendon estate, which don't have handy panels telling me what they are. I also don't know enough to start working out what they are, other than spending many hours glaring at websites.

So on the chance someone might know more than me (or be able to point someone who does know to this page, or me to a page that shows all the various types of carts & carriages on one convenient page with notes pointing out their identifying features), I'm posting photos of them below.


Two sideways-facing seats. Having said all that above, I think I might have worked this one out.

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July 26th, 2009

Road & Rail Trip, Day the Third, Part II @ 09:24 pm

Part I

Town Hall

The morning tour was the Ned Kelly Tour, which I would have preferred in the afternoon, having had enough of the that the day before and at the courthouse. But such is life I'm tough, I can handle it. There's a whole three people in the group, not counting the guide, and for our first stop he takes us down behind the town hall.

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