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January 14th, 2007

Old Things @ 07:04 pm


At the market today, I tossed a bunch of antiques into my 3 for $1 bowl.

The cool thing about coin collecting is you can pick up old things that in other forms would be too expensive to even think about buying.

I've just been picking 3rd or 4th century Roman artefacts out of my desk drawer. Now they're sitting the bowl with a 13th century silver half penny. How much do 13th century silver ____s sell for? More than I'd want to pay.

Georgian era antiques sell for ridiculous amounts in local antique shops. An 1806 coin? Under $10.

1770s French? $1

Imperial Russia might set you back a bit though. You could be looking at $10, $12..

Well circulated coins, the sort that Serious Collectors and Investors don't want to know about, have their own charm. They're been used, by real people, in their day to day lives. Much more interesting, if not as shiny, as a Collectors Edition.

Not that I have any objections to collector quality coins. I have my own pretty, shinies, in their sealed packets. They're not the ones I keep near my desk to look at though.